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How It Works

A fast and easy way to buy, sell and advertise through boardX

Post an Ad

Locate the "Post Free Ad" button in the banner, click on it and follow the instructions

Find an item

Go to the homepage and click on any of the categories you are interested and locate the item

contact the seller

Go to the category menu in the homepage and click on the category you are interested find the item, then you will find information about the item and contact of the seller

make transactions

When you are satisfied with what you want to buy contact the seller and plan on where to meet and to go about the transaction.It is advisable to conduct all transaction during the day time and in a public setting

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Happy Users

Here is some of our users and their thoughts

boardXweb is dynamic and cuts across all kinds of categories that students are mostly engaged in. As a blogger I deal with several schools and to me this is the best thing that has happened to universities.

School Expo, Blogger at is a really cool website.It is not just an e-commerce site that you can buy from but a site where you can buy and sell goods from people nearest to you.

Esther Iyamah, Student at ABUAD has provided me a platform where I can reach out to more customers for my clothing line, says stylist and fashion designer.

Azikiwe Emmanuel, Student at CU

boardX has really made my work easier since I can now get to a lot more students with no stress. It has also made it easier for the students too.

Elvis Ehigiator Housing Agent at Uniben